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Digital Marketing Strategy: PEO – Paid, Earned, Owned Media Trifecta

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The digital marketing strategy’s ultimate goal is to build brand awareness and conversion:
•  sending as many viewers as possible to the company’s website
•  converting viewers into clients

Therefore, it is important for any business to include a well-balanced PEO model in its strategies.

Owned media

A company’s owned media involves the many digital assets the brand possesses, such as website, blogs, and social media pages. The company controls the content and the conversation surrounding the brand. Hence, the more owned media the company has, the greater the audience it can reach. In order to engage with the audience, marketers should optimize the content for the search engines, making it relevant and valuable.

Earned media

Earned media can be positive or negative. It spreads out quickly throughout the channels. Marketers cannot control what the viewers are saying about their brands, but they can influence the outcome. If a review is negative, a quick reaction from the company is primordial. Even negative comments can be turned into a positive trait.

Because it entails customers reviews, recommendations and endorsements, earned media is very important for businesses’ digital marketing strategy. This can be the best kind of marketing a company could wish for! Consumers trust recommendations from friends and relatives, more than from anyone else. Who recommends the brand is also important. If the company’s pages attract the attention of the top market influencers, this can improve the ranking on search engines pages.

Paid media

Branded content used to fill social channels. If used correctly, it could generate lots of referrals and sharing, at low or no cost. Because social channels such as Facebook and Twitter are slowly evolving into “pay-for-play” platforms, the ‘Paid’ aspect of the model becomes more relevant.
With paid media, marketers have control over the content, reach, frequency, and make decisions according to the budget. Although it is more expensive than owned and earned media, paid media allows marketers to create powerful and efficient ads and direct them to the right audience, at the right time.