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Branding identifies a business in a unique way, distinguishing it from competitors in the market. It can encompass a name, a logo, a symbol, a design, colours, etc. A brand is the idea or image that consumers have in mind when they think about a product or a service, both in a practical and emotional way.

The difference between a product and a brand is that a product can be easily copied, whereas a brand is unique. For instance, if you think about a Ferrari, what do you have in mind? Sophistication, speed, luxury, style, wealth, high class. What about a Volkswagen Beetle? Popular, affordable, economic, reliable. Both products are cars, but their branding strategy is very different from each other.

A brand is subjective, because it can vary depending on how each person perceives it. Organizations can shape the way that their products should be perceived, providing its customer with a way for them to quickly identify and experience their brands, and to give them a reason to choose their products or services over the competitors’.

We at ic-h marketing can help you define your brand, design your visual identity and come up with strategies, so that your brand can be unique in the market.