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Website Maintenance:
Why Do I Need It?

Website maintenance is important to every business. Let’s have a look at an analogy between the maintenance of a car and a website. Your car needs to be serviced on a regular basis to ensure it is safe for driving. Regular maintenance includes oil change, checking the breaks, the air pressure in your tires, the air and cabin filters, and making sure there are no underlying issues that may arise when you are on the road.

The same happens with websites. Having a website down is not an option for business owners. For your website to run smoothly, it’s important to regularly check for issues and mistakes, to keep your contact information up-to-date, to check if any link to your website is working properly and if all your relevant content is accurate and current. It is also wise to change information often, in order to get better ranking results. To achieve this, you can maintain a blog, for example.

If you use platforms such as WordPress, it is important to keep up with the updates of themes, plugins and integrations. Updates are often released to patch security flaws and to improve features and users experience. If your website is kept outdated for a long time, it becomes vulnerable to malware and viruses, and your website could even break down.

A website maintenance that is done properly and regularly will help keep it healthy, attract and retain readers, and strengthen your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).