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Why is everybody talking about SEO?

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Through SEO, websites try to get traffic from the “free”, or “organic” search results. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Ask, Aol, Duck Duck Go and other search engines evaluate ranking signals provided by optimization techniques. There are different categories of signals: Domain-Level Signals – specific to the registration and naming used in the domain set up for a website. The parameters evaluated by the search engines… Read More »Why is everybody talking about SEO?

Digital Marketing Strategy: PEO – Paid, Earned, Owned Media Trifecta

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The digital marketing strategy’s ultimate goal is to build brand awareness and conversion: •  sending as many viewers as possible to the company’s website •  converting viewers into clients Therefore, it is important for any business to include a well-balanced PEO model in its strategies. Owned media A company’s owned media involves the many digital assets the brand possesses, such as website, blogs, and social media pages. The company controls… Read More »Digital Marketing Strategy: PEO – Paid, Earned, Owned Media Trifecta

Why Hire a Marketing Consultant?

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There are many good reasons for businesses to use a marketing consultant. The first website was created in 1991. Since then, over 1 billion websites have been created, and this number rises every day! Competition is tough! Consumers have changed the way they purchase products and services. They are more impatient than ever! They use devices to help them find exactly what they want. With so many companies fighting for… Read More »Why Hire a Marketing Consultant?